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Hot Flow Instant Water Heater Geyser

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Product Full Description for "Hot Flow Instant Water Heater Geyser"

Hot Flow portable instant Geyser is a perfect replacement for large size storage Geysers, which provides running hot water directly from the tap without the hassle of storage. Just put it in the water tap and enjoy continuous flow of hot water. PORTABLE | EASY INSTALLATION | AFFORDABLE | COMPACT TO FIT.

Specifications · Body - Poly polypropylene(Shock proof) · Heating element - Tubler type(2 KVs), ISI marked · Thermostat - Copper, ISI marked · Cable - White, 1 Meter, ISI marked · Pin-top - 16Amp, ISI marked · PVC pipe and nipple, ISI marked · Indicator Features

  • ♦ Running hot water within 6 seconds of operation
  • ♦ Only 1 Unit power consumption for 64 Litres of hot water
  • ♦ Max temperature of hot water reaches up to 65 degrees
  • ♦ Auto power cut-off in case temperature reaches 65 degrees
  • ♦ Can be used in bathroom, kitchen, wash area, hotels, hospital etc.
  • ♦ Easy to install anywhere due to compact design and light weight.

Some Guidelines:

  • ♦ Please use Geyser at least for 15 minutes during first use post installation. Allow heating element some time to adjust for optimum heating. Just put it in the water tap and enjoy continuous flow of hot water. Running hot water within 6 seconds of operation.
  • ♦ It is portable, easy to install & fit, affordable and compact. Can be used in bathroom, kitchen, wash area, hotels, hospital etc. Only 1 Unit power consumption for 64 Litre of hot water. Auto power cut-off in case temperature reaches 65 degrees.
  • ♦ PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH ON GEYSER WITHOUT WATER IN ITS TANK DURING INSTALLATION. However, once used, you can switch it on without running water.
  • ♦ Fitted with ISI marked thermostat, ISI marked Coil, ISI marked power cable. Cable length is 1.5 mtrs, We provide 1 mtr free PVC pipe and nozzle with geyser. Allow 5-10 minutes to fill upto 20 ltr bucket, reduce inflow of water from tap to increase temperature of outflow water.

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